Listen: All about goals

New Years Day is around the corner, and everyone is talking about their New Years Resolutions.  And yet, how many of us have signed up for a gym membership on January 1, just to fall off the wagon come March? Or how many times have we all said we’d start that diet on the proverbial “Monday”? Or have you set your sights on a promotion at the office, only to recede back into your comfort zone after being passed over for someone else?

I’ve done all of these things and more. And, you know what? I still believe in the importance of setting goals…even if you never, ever achieve them! Why? Because the process of setting the goal and then working on yourself to reach it can be just as productive and beneficial for you as actually reaching it. And goals aren’t forever – you can consciously uncouple from your goal at any time. Just pivot that work you’re putting in over to the next goal.  As the saying goes: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

In today’s episode of the Chasing Bateman podcast, hear about how I set a goal of a promotion, and then ended up with two promotions! What did I change in my life to get there? And most importantly, what can you do to achieve the same results?

Find out more in the last episode of 2020. Here’s to a successful 2021!

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