About Me

Hey y’all! Welcome to my website, I’m so glad you landed here!

My name is Jaime, and my hope is to inspire anyone who dreams of living a bigger life than they do now. Go for it! There’s nothing stopping you — except maybe yourself.

I speak from experience, having spent the better part of my life standing squarely in my own way and talking myself out of everything I ever wanted. And it takes a conscious effort every single day to allow myself to dream and live big. For me, Chasing Bateman represents following those dreams to places I never thought I’d visit, much less live.

At 35, I made the bold move to leave Houston, my entire family and all of my friends to take a new job in Seattle — where I’d never been and knew no one. It was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Then three years later, I went one step further and took the cross-country leap to the Big Apple, taking a job in NYC and moving to Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It was a literal dream come true, like living in a Taylor Swift song. I fell madly in love with Broadway theater, and even made my way to the Tony Awards!

In 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, I turned 40, started a new job and moved to Austin. The perfect combination of culture, food, music, entertainment, and a three-hour drive from home, I’m thrilled to be in Austin where my journey began back in an auditorium with Jason Bateman at SXSW in 2014. We’ve come full-circle, my friends!

From fangirling over Jason Bateman’s latest project to grappling with feelings of inadequacy, I hope you’ll see some of yourself in my stories — and that if you do, you recognize that you can accomplish absolutely anything you choose with your time on this planet. For decades, I quietly dreamed of the life I have now. I hope that sharing my journey (both the good and the not-so-good parts) helps you see that you’re not alone, it’s not too late, and you can truly have everything your heart desires.