Walking into 2020 at the Happiest Place on Earth

As y’all know, I’d been faithfully following the keto diet for more than a year before I decided it was time to move back to Texas. When I made that decision, I realized there were so many things in NYC that I hadn’t tried and obviously needed to eat them all before I left. So, I did…pizza, cronuts, Chinese, bagels, all of it. Then when I got home, there was all the food I missed for so long. Had to eat that too…Whataburger, Pappasito’s, BBQ, the works.

At that point, I had to buy new pants and wrangle myself back onto the keto bandwagon. I was feeling down, lethargic, and generally uninspired. That was a month ago, and I feel worlds better. Those carbs are so addicting they should totally carry a warning label.

Down five of the let’s-not-discuss-how-many pounds I gained during my move escapades, I’d pretty much written off the Disney 5K I had signed up for months ago. I couldn’t justify paying to go to Orlando when I had blown my diet and my plan to be in better shape, not worse, for the walk.

Then last week, I thought, you know what…I’m doing it anyway! Who cares if I’m the slowest one there, I’m going and walking my 3.2 miles through the most magical place on Earth. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

The 5K day is Jan. 9, and Julie and I are arriving on the 7th and leaving on the 10th. We’re staying at the Contemporary Resort for the first time ever, which we are so extraordinarily excited about. Every time we’ve been to Disney World, we’d watch the monorail pass through the hotel and dream of staying there one day.

And how will we manage the no-carb lifestyle while we’re in the land of a million treats? We’ll pack keto-friendly snacks so that we can focus on the protein/veggies while we’re looking for food options in the parks. Look, I’m not going to be bothered by pulling out my keto bagel when I order bacon and eggs at the counter. Stare if you’d like, it’s delicious.

Sounds like the perfect way to start off the new year. I’m coming in hot, 2020. Be prepared.

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