Have a little faith (in myself)

When it feels like everything’s going wrong, we have a pretty good idea that something needs to change. When everything’s going along perfectly fine, though, we tend to go with the flow – or even scarier, become complacent without even realizing it.

There’s no need to rock the boat when it’s smooth sailing, is there? The waters were relatively calm in Houston almost four years ago now. I had a good job where I felt like I was making a difference (at least I hope I was!), a great group of supportive-to-the-extreme friends and a super tight-knit family circle.

Despite all of these blessings, I couldn’t help feeling like I needed to live a little. Shake things up. Rock my proverbial boat. So that’s what I did…I may have blown my boat clear out of the water.

Leaving everything I’d ever known to move to Seattle, where I’d basically never been and knew no one, for a job with a new company was a risk that could’ve very easily gone horribly wrong. But I didn’t want to go my entire life without ever trying something new, something outside my comfort zone. I’d lived my entire life without taking a chance, without ever taking a real risk. So I took a leap of faith (in myself, honestly), and you know what? I met awesome people, I gained valuable career and personal experience, and I eventually decided it was time to do it again.

Was I out of my mind? I mean, I suppose the answer to that question is relative. I think the fact that I did it once and lived to tell the tale fueled my fire to do it again. And this time, I’d take it a step further. I wouldn’t go somewhere I’d never been and really knew nothing about, I’d go to the center of all the things I love in the world – New York City.

I’d visited NYC six months or so before I moved to Seattle. During that trip, I saw two Broadway shows (On the 20th Century and If/Then), watched two show tapings (Live with Kelly and Michael and obviously Late Night with Seth Meyers), went to two comedy shows (I seem to have done everything in pairs, interesting) and ate some unbelievable food (a trifecta of cronuts, Chinese and pizza…RIP, delicious carbs). Everything about the trip was magical, I was so overwhelmed with joy watching Seth in person that I was on the verge of tears sitting in the audience. I probably should’ve known I belonged here then, but I can be a little slow on the draw. Better late than never.

It would have been so easy – and absolutely ok – to stay in Houston doing the things I’d always done for the rest of my life. And for decades, I never thought I’d leave no matter how much my heart desired. It may have taken me an exceptionally long time to make the first move – but now, I feel like there’s no stopping me. Truthfully, there’s no stopping any of us…Except maybe the lull of our boat on the smooth seas.

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