I’m going on tour!

T-minus 5 days until I hit the road to see Jason!

Two years ago, I was planning to celebrate my 40th birthday in LA with a dear friend and an evening with Jason Bateman. ❤️ We had tickets to an Ozark event at the Dolby Theater with the cast of the show as the third season was about to hit Netflix. Fast forward to present day, and I just wrapped up the first half of Ozark’s fourth and final season. What a wild ride — both the last two years and the latest installment of Ozark.

We all know how the story goes, and I rang in my 40s at home , no friends or Jason, back when we thought quarantining was more or less a necessary two-week inconvenience. Two years later, joke’s on us. 💔 One bright spot in the darkness was the launch of Jason’s new podcast Smartless with Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. The trio and their A-list lineup of guests have kept me company during many a work-from-home day at my computer.

So I was beyond thrilled when the universe gave me another chance to see Jason at a live event. The podcast is taking its show on the road, literally, next week for a brief tour, with stops in DC, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Madison (IYKYK) and LA.

Not only do I have prime seats for both of the Brooklyn shows, but I’m hitting the road too — with tickets to both of the Boston shows! That means, I’ll be front and center four, count them, four times. Three of the four tickets even allow me to attend the Q&A session after the show. 😍

But wait, there’s more! Just before Christmas, Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals named Jason its 2022 Man of the Year. I’d never heard of them either, but apparently the theater group at Harvard has been naming a Man of the Year since 1967, and a Woman of the Year since 1951. This year’s Woman of the Year is Jason’s Juno co-star Jennifer Garner. Jason and Jennifer join the ranks of past honerees like Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep , Ryan Reynolds and Julia Roberts.

The announcement article mentioned that Jason would be presented with his award at an event on campus Feb. 3. The group’s president also threw in that all the members’ moms have crushes on Jason, so there’s that. 🙄 Your girl went hard on Google and managed to find the event online…and there were tickets for sale! Of course, there were no details provided, no seat assignments or anything of the sort. Just a picture of Jason and the date, time and location. So at 6 p.m. on Feb. 3, I’ll be at Farkas Hall at Harvard — and while I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen there, I’m pretty confident Jason will be there too.

Now to recap, I’ll be kicking off my Jason tour on Thursday, taking the train to Boston for the Man of the Year event that evening. Then on Friday night, I’ll be a stone’s throw from the stage for both Smartless shows. And on Saturday morning, I’ll train it back to NYC to head over to Brooklyn for the two Smartless shows that night — at one of which, I’ll be sitting in the actual front row! 🤯 It’s going to be a lot of Jason crammed into a few days, and let’s be real, I’m not mad about it. We’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for…Let the countdown begin!

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  1. We were so robbed in 2020 in LA. I already have a calendar notice to ping you about the first Smartless show. Have a blast my friend. #batemanorbust

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