What a difference a week makes

It’s been basically a week since I left NYC. I’ve spent that time visiting Kyle in Rochester (yay, Amtrak!) — and what a difference a week makes! Here are just a few of the withdrawals I’ve experienced so far (I think some might be considered more deposits than withdrawals, but you get the idea):

  • Grocery shopping at Wegmans is the best on its own. Not only is the store huge and the selection far superior to the tiny stores in Manhattan, but I paid $90 for what would have easily cost more than double that in the city. And I didn’t have to walk it home.
  • All the places seem so empty and quiet, even when they’re busy. We were literally the only people in the movie theater the other day, and have never had to wait in a line for anything. Every parking lot (yes, parking lot) seems so vast. There’s just so much space and so few people.
  • Cooking in an actual kitchen again is a game changer. How I missed a counter top!
  • I haven’t seen a Broadway show in over a week now. This one is extremely sad. But I’m keeping up with the shows and actors online and through social media — and have the soundtracks to my favorites to keep me going. Not to mention, Dear Evan Hanson is coming to the Hobby Center in November. Woo!
  • I’m supremely impressed with NYC’s subway system. It’s amazing not to have to worry about driving and still be able to fairly easily get pretty much anywhere. But I will say that I don’t miss the steamy underground of the stations in the heat, or some of the smells and characters you encounter just on your daily commute.
  • Last but not least, the best part of the past week has by far been hanging out with Kyle.

Tomorrow, I’m flying home to my family and little Kona. And I’m so excited to see them, get settled back in Houston and see what this next chapter brings.

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