She Works Hard for the Money

We’ve all worked with people who are so busy all the time. So busy. All. The. Time. You know the ones, they brag about consistently working 10+ hour days like it’s a badge of honor. They don’t have time to go to the bathroom or stop to eat lunch during the work day.

Here’s the thing. I don’t care who you are or what your job is, not a one of us is so indispensable that we can’t stop for a minute to go to the bathroom or eat food – you know, do things required for us to stay alive. And if you honestly feel like you can’t, then something is drastically wrong.

Sometimes it can feel like if you’re not working a 60+ hours every week, you may not be seen as working hard enough or adding enough value. I’ve felt guilty many times over the years leaving the office at a reasonable hour, despite knowing that I’ve been quite productive during my day. It’s times like these that I wonder when we lost sight of being productive and turned to glorifying being busy.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely a time for putting in extra hours to get the job done. I just have reached the point in my life when that time can’t be always. Nothing good comes from working around the clock. You become resentful, you burn out, you let everything outside of work, like your health and personal life, fall to the wayside. And my guess is, you reached the point of diminishing returns on those extra hours at the office long ago.

In her latest book (Girl, Stop Apologizing – read it now), one of my heroes Rachel Hollis talks about replacing your to-do list with a results list. Instead of a laundry list of menial tasks to tick off, include the things that will truly make a difference when their boxes are checked. I love this concept. It may not work with everything, but it certainly forces us to focus on what matters most with our time.

I don’t personally want to work a million hours every week just to say I did, and yet have nothing meaningful to show for it. I want to be as productive in my work day (and let’s face it, with everything in my life) as possible. Let’s stop the glorification of busy and bring back getting shit done and going home. Who’s with me?

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