Name That Tune: Neighbor Edition

While trying to fall asleep one night, I started hearing a song I recognized. You know how you hear a song, you know you know it, but it takes a few minutes to completely place it. After singing along in my head to a couple of verses, I realized it was A Million Dreams from the movie The Greatest Showman. One of the last movies I saw in Seattle (RIP, Movie Pass), the movie was good and the soundtrack was even better.

The better question would have been, where is this live music coming from so late? After listening for a bit, I figured out it was my next-door neighbor practicing. It was obvious he was practicing because he’d re-sing the same line or verse over and over until he was pleased with it. I decided that there must be a Broadway musical version of The Greatest Showman coming, and he needs to practice for his upcoming audition. Makes sense…And if there isn’t already a Broadway musical version of The Greatest Showman in the works, someone needs to get on that, because there really should be.

So now I have my very own game of Name That Tune happening on a daily basis. We went from The Greatest Showman to The Little Mermaid (look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?) in about a week. Then at some point over the past month, we went from a cappella renditions to a piano accompaniment. How he fit a full-on piano in a 250-square-foot apartment, I have no idea. But it’s for sure in there. Our song du jour is (surprise, surprise) from A Star is Born. I was pretty impressed that I named that one on the piano alone.

Unlike the downstairs neighbor who slid a handwritten note under my door to let me know that my noise after 11 pm was keeping her and her daughter up at night (to be clear, there’s nothing going on in my apartment after 11 pm that’s keeping anyone awake), I actually rather enjoy having this background music in my apartment. It makes me feel a little like I’m living in my own musical. And if Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron happen to show up, I’d be completely fine with that too

7 thoughts on “Name That Tune: Neighbor Edition

  1. It does drive me nuts when I recognize a song and can’t seem to name the song- and then the name of the song shows up in the lyrics and I am like “why couldn’t I figure it out in the first place”. One of the frustrating things of being a musical theatre fanatic.

      1. My top two musicals are tied right now- Wicked/Les Mis: Wicked did spark my love for musicals while Les Mis turned that love into a passion.

        Other favorites:

        – Annie
        -Sound of Music
        -Phantom of the Opera
        – Newsies
        -Beauty and the Beast
        -Lion King
        -Music Man
        -South Pacific

        Just some of them. Some of them do get more focus on my blog then others.

      2. Wicked is so amazing! I’ve added some of these I haven’t seen yet to my to-do list! Thanks!!

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