New Year, New Job

Happy new year (better late than never)! I hope everyone’s 2019 is off to an amazing start, and that your resolutions haven’t fallen by the wayside just yet.

I kicked off 2019 with a new job. Yes, another new job. As in, not the job I moved (drove!) cross-country just four months ago to take. I’m just as surprised as you are over this development. I never thought I’d ever leave a job after just a few months, it goes against everything I know in life. The whole thing been a crazy experience, absolutely not the one I expected when I packed up my Seattle life.

The biggest thing I learned through this (and admittedly, it’s more of a refresher course than a new lesson) is the importance of just making a move in life, any move. When I say move, I don’t necessarily mean a physical change of address. I’m often supremely guilty of analysis paralysis – having so many options that I don’t choose any. I can go anywhere and do anything – so exciting, right? But for so many years, I stood still because I couldn’t come up with the “best,” “right” or “perfect” next step. So instead, I’d stay put and stay frustrated that I wasn’t moving. I don’t know what I expected (insert Jason Bateman Arrested Development dead-dove-in-paper-bag-in-freezer gif here), but it’s a seriously vicious cycle.

In taking a job in NYC sight unseen, I was able to make the move to a city I’ve dreamed of living in for years. I had no way of knowing it would be nowhere near the “best,” “right” or “perfect” next step for me career-wise, which would make it all too easy to feel like I shouldn’t have taken the job or moved at all. Instead of having major regrets, though, couldn’t it be just as easy to see that job as the vehicle that allowed me to move here at all? And maybe it wasn’t meant to be any more than just that. And maybe that’s ok.

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Job

  1. How exciting, Jamie! I hear you on the analysis paralysis. Sometimes taking any steps forward are really hard to do, but venturing into the unknown can be really good for the soul.

  2. There are no wrong choices. Everything moves you toward the next thing. Good for you for embracing the adventure and wherever it leads. Love following your journey!

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