Listen: Stop should-ing your life away

When faced with a difficult decision, we go straight to asking ourselves and others, “What should I do?” Well, I’m here to say, who cares what you should do, what do you want to do? What would make you the happiest? Let’s do that.

We can get so caught up in the shoulds ā€“ I should be married by 25, have kids by 30, be making six-figures by 35, and on and on and on ā€“ that we end up should-ing ourselves to death. I, for one, spent untold years trying to keep the peace by going with the flow. How’d that go for me, you ask? I ended up regretful and resentful of all the years and opportunities I wasted because I was doing what I thought I should do. So long story short, not well.

But I’ve since broken free of that habit. Better late than never, right? So now I’m here to share my stories with you and give you tip, tricks and resources so that you can do the same.

Stop should-ing your life away right now!

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